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We worked with Nolan of Forty Oaks Tree Service to remove some large Douglas firs and extensive trimmings from other trees. Nolan and the crew were very knowledgeable and professional on the job, and we were quick to pick up all the branches as they dropped. What great teamwork! We certainly look forward to working with them again.

Quick Clean-up

With the Bobcat E32 Excavator we also made quick work of transferring all the branches and logs to our disposal bin, which we then hauled away. We also used the Bobcat skid steer with landscape rake to grade and clear the driveway, because we always leave a property as tidy as possible at the time.


We were contracted to tear out concrete slabs that were right under the deck of a house.

The complication was that there was a 40-foot drop down a steep slope, plus a very narrow space between the existing fence posts…and we couldn’t take out the deck.

The contractor tasked with the general house renovation initially estimated that concrete removal would take a month and would have to be done by hand. This was cost-prohibitive, so he called R.A.L., although he was skeptical we could manage it.

Our solution was to build a small path down the steep hill in order to maneuver our equipment. We managed to put the bobcat right under the deck and used a breaker attachment to break the concrete into manageable pieces.

Next, we used the excavator to load the concrete into the mini-dump machine, drove it along our manufactured pathway—up the steep hill, through the narrow spaces, out the backyard—and dumped it into a disposal bin.

From start to finish, the whole project only took four days. The contractor and the homeowner were delighted with the speed and cost of the whole operation.


Reg and Sandy found the perfect family home for sale, so they made an offer, which was accepted subject to the sale of their home. This meant they needed to list quickly, but they were confident it would sell fast.

They called us to rent a portable storage container for their yard, and over the next few weeks, they began to declutter and store their belongings in the container, as they staged their house for sale. When the house sold within a week, they had only three weeks before moving into the new one.

Having the storage container in the yard had allowed them to move all the boxes and furniture at their own pace, fitting the work around their busy schedules…and diminishing the stress of moving. Nor did they have the pain of loading a moving truck, which involves a ramp or awkward angle, because a storage container is ground-level and easy to maneuver around.

By moving day, they were ready! R.A.L. delivered their secured portable container to their new home, where they kept it for another week to unpack around their schedule and settle into the new house.

How’s that for minimal moving stress?

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